A Woman's Honor Historical Romance Chapter 05

Eleanor, forced to wed to the Duke of Trevich in order to protect her parents and people of her fief, is nothing less than a prisoner in his keep. In this episode she struggles to build a life with people who seem to hate her, and she waits for the Duke to return from his mysterious journey. When he does she discovers many surprises.

Winter, in these border lands torn by war and strife, are destined to kill many of the people who reside on the the Duke's lands, as well as the people that Eleanor left behind. She does not know if the Duke will accept her suggestions on how to save as many lives as possible from the starvation, cold, and snow that is coming. What she does know is that all but a few of the people living in his keep would prefer her dead. In this episode Eleanor struggles to build a life for herself among the many who loathe her, and she tries to forget the life she left behind. But the Duke's return comes with many surprises and perhaps a hint that she might avoid her fate after all. 
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