A Woman's Honor Historical Romance Chapter 06

Eleanor, forced to wed to the Duke of Trevich in order to protect her parents and people of her fief, is nothing less than a prisoner in his keep. In this episode she returns home to celebrate the Yule feast with her parents, only to discover nothing is as it seems. She finds a way to strike the Duke a terrible blow, only to find herself fleeing his terrible retribution. In this episode everything changes . . .

The border between Wales and England during the reign of Henry II was continuously at war. The king awarded lands to the warriors who could hold territory, allowing them a place in his court when they proved their worth in battle. The men who rule these lands were hard enough to withstand the raids, the long winters, the endless infighting. In this episode Eleanor learns what holding on to power in these fierce lands requires. In settling a score with the Duke, she may cost many innocents their lives. If she does, is she any better than the man she loathes?  

This is a key episode in A Woman's Honor . . .
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